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What is BPO Mojo?

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BPO Mojo
Do you remember back when you first got the internet and you had the amazing connection of dial-up? The obnoxious loud dialing, the screeching sound of the never-ending connection and finally an hour later you could surf the web at snail like speed. Then a phenomenon happened that would change your life significantly. High-Speed internet was born and since then you have never looked back. Would you ever go back to dial-up internet? Of course not!! This analogy is the very best way I can describe the intelligent software of BPO Mojo. BPO Mojo is high-speed software for the BPO agent who wants to complete their BPOs in minutes and not hours. Once you experience Mojo you will NEVER go back to the tedious hours of data entry? Just like high-speed internet gets you from page to page in seconds, BPO Mojo will allow you to complete an entire BPO in just a few minutes!! This amazing software was initially custom designed for the First American Residential Value View (FARVV) BPO agent. Since FARVV is the largest provider of BPOs in the nation we wanted to cater to the largest BPO demographic. Due to the overwhelming response of agents interested in Mojo and the already 100+ satisfied monthly customers, BPO Mojo is working tirelessly with new and existing customers to launch as many BPO companies as we can in the near future. We expect to have over 50 BPO companies on our site by the end of the year 2009. The best part of all is your monthly fee will STAY THE SAME regardless of how many companies BPO Mojo takes on!!
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